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Genesis Configuration

In this section we will understand how to customize genesis parameters in devtools/chain/genesis.toml which affect the entire chain and network.


Genesis parameters are global to a blockchain, and most of them are critical to that blockchain’s consensus. Once the blockchain is initialized, most of these parameters cannot be changed. However, a small number can be updated using the metadata service and are marked as Upgradable below. And some of these parameters are required configuration while the others are optional which are marked as Optional below. All the nodes in a blockchain network should share the same genesis.toml.

Let's take a look at devtools/chain/genesis.toml.

timestamp = 0
prevhash = "0x44915be5b6c20b0678cf05fcddbbaa832e25d7e6ac538784cd5c24de00d47472"
name = "asset"
payload = '''
"id": "0xf56924db538e77bb5951eb5ff0d02b88983c49c45eea30e8ae3e7234b311436c",
"name": "MutaToken",
"symbol": "MT",
"supply": 320000011,
"issuer": "muta14e0lmgck835vm2dfm0w3ckv6svmez8fdgdl705"
name = "metadata"
payload = '''
"chain_id": "0xb6a4d7da21443f5e816e8700eea87610e6d769657d6b8ec73028457bf2ca4036",
"bech32_address_hrp": "muta",
"common_ref": "0x6c747758636859487038",
"timeout_gap": 20,
"cycles_limit": 4294967295,
"cycles_price": 1,
"interval": 3000,
"verifier_list": [
"bls_pub_key": "0x04102947214862a503c73904deb5818298a186d68c7907bb609583192a7de6331493835e5b8281f4d9ee705537c0e765580e06f86ddce5867812fceb42eecefd209f0eddd0389d6b7b0100f00fb119ef9ab23826c6ea09aadcc76fa6cea6a32724",
"pub_key": "0x02ef0cb0d7bc6c18b4bea1f5908d9106522b35ab3c399369605d4242525bda7e60",
"address": "muta14e0lmgck835vm2dfm0w3ckv6svmez8fdgdl705",
"propose_weight": 1,
"vote_weight": 1
"propose_ratio": 15,
"prevote_ratio": 10,
"precommit_ratio": 10,
"brake_ratio": 7,
"tx_num_limit": 20000,
"max_tx_size": 1024

Let’s go line-by-line and understand what each parameter means.

Full list of blockchain parameters

Initialization parameters

timestamptimestamp of genesis block, can be set to arbitrary timestamp. For example, it can be 0 or 00:00 on some day.0
prevhashcan be set to arbitrary value.0x

Asset service parameters

Optional configuration

idunique identifier of an asset, it's recommended to set it as a hash value avoid duplication with other assets on the chain in the future0x
nameasset nameMutaToken
symbolasset short nameMT
supplytotal supply of the asset320000011
issuerissuer address

Metadata service parameters

chain_idunique identifier of the chain, it's recommended to set it as a random hash value.0x
bech32_address_hrphuman-readable header of the address, need to comply with bech32 hrp specification
common_refneeded for BLS signature0x
timeout_gapmax timeout an exchange pool can wait on a block. Users need to fill in timeout when starting a transaction to indicate this transaction will not be included in the chain after block height exceeds this value. This will make sure the failure of the timeout transaction and avoid user starting a new transaction with new nonce after waiting for a long time which produces 2 transactions on the chain eventually. If user entered timeout > chain_current_height + timeout_gap, exchange pool will reject this transaction. For some special cases (Ex: cold wallet sends the transaction after signing for a long time), transaction_gap can be set to a bigger value accordingly20
cycles_limitbase 10 number, max cycle can be run for a single transaction on the chain level4294967295
cycles_priceminimum price for a cycle, currently not in use1
intervalinterval between generating blocks, measured in millisecond. When it's set to 3s, it's not strictly 3s but it's about 3s due to optimization of Overload consensus on latency. It will be less than 3s in a good network condition, and more than 3s in a bad network condition3000
verifier_listValidator List
bls_pub_keyBLS public key of the node0x
pub_keynode public key
addressnode address0x
propose_weightweight of node when producing blocks. For example: 4 nodes, weights are 1, 2, 3, 4, first node's chance of producing a block is 1 / (1 + 2 + 3 + 4)1
vote_weightweight of node when voting, similar calculation process as propose_weight1
propose_ratioratio between timeout and block producing time in propose stage. For example: if propose_ratio is 5, interval is 3000ms, then timeout at propose stage is 15 / 10 * 3000 = 4500, all measured in millisecond15
prevote_ratioratio between timeout and block producing time in prevote stage10
precommit_ratioratio between timeout and block producing time in precommit stage10
brake_ratioratio between timeout and block producing time in brake stage7
tx_num_limitmax number of transaction in a single block20000
max_tx_sizemax number of byte in a single transaction1024