Build your own blockchain, today

Muta is a highly customizable and high performance blockchain framework.

Muta logo

Muta is Summoned by Nervos Team.

Why Muta?

High Performance

With Overlord Consensus built-in, implemented by Rust, Muta could achieve thousands of TPS, aiming to handle the most demanding environments.

Easiest to use

Muta provides you with all the core components needed to build a blockchain so that you can focus on developing your business logic. It's just as easy as writing a smart contract.


Your can not only get interoperability with other chain built by Muta, but also can connect your chain with Nervos-CKB to leverage its security.

Robust Architecture

Muta was the based framework in Huobichain, one of the leading financial public chain, which have runnning steadily for around half a year.

Rich Toolchain

Muta comes with a rich toolchain eocosystem for free, incluing Explorer, JS-SDK, JAVA-SDK, Benchmark-tool and so on.

Production Ready

Audited by SlowMist, one of the top international blockchain security company, Muta is ready for production.